Convergys Adds Optimization Solutions to its Analytics Portfolio


Tuesday, June 5, 2012 8:08 am EDT


"The delivery of these solutions enables our consulting professionals to drive relevant, quick and cost-effective outcomes that deliver significant returns on investment for our clients."

Convergys Corporation (NYSE: CVG) announced today the availability of multiple customer experience optimization solutions delivered by its analytics team. These new solutions leverage Convergys’ proven proprietary consulting methodology to evaluate all facets of a customer’s end-to-end experience, uncover and isolate root causes of low performance and eliminate interaction challenges through process-improvement recommendations.

“The point of service is the most controllable opportunity to have a meaningful impact on customer loyalty,” said Mike Cholak, vice president of Convergys Analytics. “The delivery of these solutions enables our consulting professionals to drive relevant, quick and cost-effective outcomes that deliver significant returns on investment for our clients.”

The solutions include:

Convergys Repeat Call Analysis – Explores the reasons why customers call more than once, the processes and technology used to effectively resolve issues and upstream impacts on the customer experience. This solution utilizes a robust, integrated review of customer and agent behaviors to isolate – and solve – repeat-call obstacles and improve first call resolution.

Convergys Chat Optimization – Leverages consulting experts and text analytics technology to analyze thousands of chat transcripts to provide insight into why customers chat, where break-downs occur and how to improve performance.

Convergys Customer Interaction Assessment – Provides a snapshot view of the existing operational environment to understand the current state of service delivery, and maps it against an optimized future state. Insights span the people, processes and technology used to enable customer care and capture the causes of ineffective interactions. This solution focuses on five core experience attributes: operations, process, policy and metrics, channel and desktop tools.

Convergys IVR Optimization – Is specifically designed to reduce customer effort within the IVR and phone channels, and improve the end-to-end on-call customer experience. The solution isolates calls going to and coming from the IVR, and reveals the interaction paths that drive satisfaction and dissatisfaction, break points, customer effort and the impact of the IVR on performance outcomes.

For more information on Convergys’ analytics solutions, click here.

Since 1976, Convergys Analytics has grown from a small unit focused on consumer-products research to a technology-driven, global team. Combining a robust network of analytic tools and methodologies, Convergys’ team of researchers, analysts and consultants delivers solutions that lower costs and improve customer interactions. Recently, Convergys Analytics was cited as a key factor in Convergys’ receipt of the CRM magazine Service Award for Outsourcing.

As a single-source customer management provider, Convergys combines agent services, customer service research insights, innovative technology, and analytics to help their clients deliver consistently satisfying customer service experiences. Through customer care outsourcing and services to in-house contact centers, Convergys is helping clients build more effective relationships with their customers while driving increased revenues and cost savings.

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Convergys delivers consistent, quality customer experiences in 47 languages and from more than 150 locations around the globe. We partner with our clients to improve customer loyalty, reduce costs, and generate revenue through an extensive portfolio of capabilities, including customer care, analytics, tech support, collections, home agent, and end-to-end selling. We are committed to delighting our clients and their customers, delivering value to our shareholders, and creating opportunities for our talented, caring employees, 125,000-strong in 31 countries around the world. Visit to learn more about us.

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