Convergys China Conducts Charity Flea Market to Raise Funds for Visually Disabled People


Wednesday, September 27, 2017 10:02 pm EDT


Suzhou, China
"I was one of the site volunteers in the"

On September 22, for the 2nd consecutive year, Convergys, a global leader in customer management, successfully held the 2017 Charity Flea Market in Suzhou site to raise over 2,000 RMB for the “Be YOUR Eyes” program, the first CSR project of Convergys China in partnership with Suzhou Red Cap Volunteer Association in 2016 to help visually-disabled people achieve productivity, wellness and greater social inclusion.

As the continuation of “Be YOUR Eyes” program, the 2017 Charity Flea Market opens for both our employees and the general public. Over 100 participants brought hundreds of items such as jewelry, clothes, toys, appliances, and electronics etc. to participate in the Flea Market and almost 1,600 RMB has been raised from the item sales.

“I was one of the site volunteers in the “Be YOUR Eyes” program last year. It’s truly delighted to know Convergys is continuing this program and I could still be part of the endeavor to help those less fortunate. The Convergys value of ‘Serve The Community’ is not an empty slogan hanging on the wall, it’s tangible in our daily lives. I am proud to work in such a responsible organization.” said Alex Zhong, a Convergys employee volunteer.

The Flea Market not only enabled all our employees to create positive changes for our beneficiaries by donation, but also leveraged the efforts from Red Cap Association to raise funds for its various programs. Another magnificent component of the Flea Market is the Charity Goody Bag Bazaar. Every Charity Goody Bag containing organic eggs or mixed snacks was elaborately prepared by the Red Cap Association and was on sale both online and offline at below-market prices. 4RMB will be given to “Be YOUR Eyes” program for every successfully claimed goody bag. 52 people from within and outside has successfully claimed 122 goody bags and almost 500 RMB has been raised from this session.

The entire fund has been turned over to the Red Cap Association to benefit local people with visual disabilities. Susan Wang, Site Director of Convergys China, said, “We understand the contribution is not enough to bring significant change to our beneficiaries’ situation immediately, but it is a good start for which we plan to continue our good works. What matters today is not how much fund we raised, it’s truly about Convergys’ continued commitment to leverage employee volunteerism to create POSITIVE change and demonstrate the Convergys Value of ‘Serve The Community’. I am proud to see our employees committed and engaged in giving back to help our fellowmen in the places where live and work. As we continue the partnership with Red Cap, I believe this program will inspire more people to stand united for a cause that supports wellbeing and improves quality of life.”