Convergys China Assists Visually Disabled for Social Inclusion


Tuesday, November 1, 2016 12:01 am EDT


Suzhou, China
"This is one of the ways the company gives back to the community where our people live and work, leveraging our very own employee volunteerism to help improve quality of life."

On October 30, Convergys, a global leader in customer management, launched a corporate social responsibility program in China aimed at assisting those with visual disabilities. With the joint support from SIP (Suzhou Industrial Park) CSR Alliance, Suzhou Volunteers Association and SIP Charity Foundations, Convergys China has begun a partnership with Suzhou Red Cap Volunteers Association, supporting the disabled with the “Be YOUR Eyes” initiative. This program aims to help the visually-disabled people remove barriers to their socialization and integration to society, thereby promoting equal opportunity.

The initiative will have many components and span several months, including an effort to build skills that will help with community employment. The first component, called 2016 Fun Sports and Games, also known as the most magnificent celebration/interaction with the visually-disabled within Suzhou city, was successfully held at Dulwich International High School on October 30. Initiated by the Suzhou Volunteers Association and organized by Suzhou Red Cap Volunteer Association, the event had almost 300 volunteers, coming from non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and Convergys. Fifty-eight visually disabled were the beneficiaries of the event, and were assisted by Convergys employee volunteers in a wide variety of games, building mutual understanding and trust between volunteers and beneficiaries.  Convergys is the exclusive corporate company sponsor of the said program.

“We are delighted that we could contribute to Suzhou Red Cap Volunteer Association,” Fiona Peng, Convergys Communications Senior Specialist and head of the organizing committee for Corporate Social Responsibility programs of Convergys China, said. “This is one of the ways the company gives back to the community where our people live and work, leveraging our very own employee volunteerism to help improve quality of life.”

To ensure the safety and proper care of the beneficiaries, all the volunteers from Convergys undertook professional training on the basics of disability care, in advance of the event. A volunteer was paired with a corresponding visually disabled beneficiary and accompanied them the whole day to compete in the games and dine together. On this occasion, the volunteers served as the “eyes” of their beneficiaries.

“I feel so excited and proud for having this opportunity. I realized that I can make a difference to the disadvantaged people’s life starting from accepting them into our lives. This volunteerism is an important step towards raising awareness and understanding of the needs of the less privileged, so that we can help improve their lives,” said one volunteer.

Susan Wang, Site Director of Convergys China, and also a volunteer, said “I am proud of our employees who have shown their care and concern for those less fortunate, with such a heartfelt display of generosity. What’s important isn’t so much winning the games or providing company for a day. It’s truly about restoring understanding and helping bring positive change to others. It may be a small step toward accelerating the inclusion for people with disabilities, but we’re nonetheless proud of it, and I believe there will be more people joining Convergys to lead civic efforts that shape the future of our communities.”