Convergys Celebrates 5 Strong Years in China


Friday, July 8, 2016 8:35 am EDT


Suzhou, China

Convergys, a global leader in customer management, celebrated its fifth year anniversary of operating in China this July. An event was held in its Suzhou site, attended by local dignitaries from SIP Administrative Committee, SIS Park (Suzhou International Science Park), SIP BPO Association, CSR Alliance, as well as members of Convergys’ local leadership teams.

The whole-day celebration, which took place July 5, had a variety of activities to commemorate the company’s significant achievements and express its appreciation for the contributions of its people and the local community.

Since it began China operations with just 78 employees in 2011, Convergys has steadily grown to its current 1, 500 talented employees in Suzhou. It boasts of a strong talent development program, where 86% of its current managers were promoted from within their careers in the company. Convergys China has also been recognized in the industry, having twice won the Golden Voice Award for Best Outsourced Contact Center in Technical Support (2014, 2015) and 2015 Top Employer in Career Development in Suzhou Industry Park, the first business process outsourcing (BPO) company to achieve these.

Convergys China provides customer care and technical support services to internationally recognized clients in consumer electronics, enterprise technology, financial services, and retail industries. Worldwide, Convergys employs approximately 130,000 people and operates in more than 150 locations spread across 31 countries.

5-year Tenured Employee Recognition
As one of the event activities, Convergys presented 5 Years’ Service Awards to employees who grew with the company in its journey from the very start. Every honoree received a trophy and a tailor-made CASIO watch to appreciate their service and dedication.

“Convergys is proud to be an employer of choice,” said Susan Wang, Site Director for Convergys in Suzhou. “We make every effort to encourage, mentor and inspire our employees to take the next steps in their careers, providing them with the tools and experience they need to succeed. With this philosophy, we became the first and only BPO company that be recognized as the Top Employer in Suzhou. We not only create quality jobs for local talent but also invest in developing leadership for the region as we continue to grow. That’s how we helped 86% of the managers in Convergys develop their careers through training and promotion. We want to recognize every one of our talented employees for the difference they make for Convergys and the city of Suzhou every day.”

Retention Carnival Award Ceremony
As a tradition, Convergys holds an annual Retention Carnival to reward employees for performance. This year, those with perfect attendance will have chance to get a Disney Ticket. “I’m so glad for this great acknowledgement from Convergys. I realized that it’s not just the top performer who gets the chance but also those who meet specific goals or demonstrate exemplary behavior – such as perfect attendance. It’s inspiring,” said one employee.

Convergys Community Action Network (CAN)
Convergys strives to be a good corporate citizen and bring a positive change in the places where it operates. One of the company’s Values is “Serve The Community,” and one of its platforms is Convergys Community Action Network (CAN), which empowers employees in their local sites to partner with beneficiaries.                                                                                                                                                               

In China, Convergys is proud to be an active member of the SIP CSR Alliance since 2015. CSR Alliance provides its members opportunities to contribute to the Suzhou community together with other SIP employers from various industries. It also builds camaraderie between the different companies and NGO organizations in the area.

This year, with the support from SIP CSR Alliance, Convergys has begun a partnership with Suzhou Red Cap Volunteers Organization, supporting the disabled group from all walks of life, to launch the “Be YOUR Eyes” initiative. This program aims to help the visually-disabled remove barriers to their employability and socialization. Specifically, Convergys employees will share their time and knowledge to help the visually-disabled improve their employment-related skills.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony was initiated to kick off the Be YOUR Eyes program. Crystal Gao, the Principal of Corporate Social Responsibility Alliance and SIP Volunteers Association, said: “It is with great pleasure that CSR Alliance established partnership with Convergys. As part of their commitment with the community and with the country, Convergys has made a significant contribution to create jobs as well as to keep giving back to the society. I believe, Convergys will make a difference in building a harmonious society of mutual caring in the area.”

Charity Flea Market   
Convergys also held a Charity Flea Market open for all employees. Over 200 employees participated in the Flea Market and we have raised almost 2,000 RMB. The entire fund will be given back to the community to help the disadvantaged groups.                  

Fiona Peng, Convergys Communications Senior Specialist and responsible for the CSR program in Convergys China, expressed: “We foster a sincere spirit of giving and volunteerism where employees themselves lead civic efforts. We work with local organizations to help with workforce preparedness, health, and stability. We do it, because it’s part of our Convergys Values to ‘Serve the Community’.”

Wu Xiaoqing, Deputy Director of Economic Development Commission, SIPAC (Suzhou Industrial Park Administrative Committee), said: “I am pleased to join Convergys’ 5-year celebration and to see their continued success. Convergys is not only a trusted partner of companies in the Fortune 500, but also a valued member of SIP. The expertise infused by Convergys helps drive China BPO industry’s continued success. I congratulate Convergys on such a momentous occasion, its continuing commitment to Suzhou, and wish it many more years of success.”

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